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In the heart of eastern Sicily

A journey between history and nature

Treasures of art and history

A rich and colorful cultural heritage

The area around Tenuta il Cavaliere d'Italia is a melting pot of history and culture. A short distance away, you can explore the city of Noto, a jewel of Sicilian baroque and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll through its enchanting streets, admire the elegance of its buildings and immerse yourself in the historic atmosphere that pervades every corner.
Beyond Noto, the region is dotted with archaeological sites, museums and picturesque towns, each with its own history and unique characteristics. From Syracuse with its fascinating Greek theatre, to Modica and Ragusa Ibla, each location offers an authentic and fascinating cultural experience.

Flavors and aromas of Sicily

A gastronomic journey into local tradition

Eastern Sicily is also a paradise for lovers of good food and wine. The region boasts a rich culinary tradition, with dishes ranging from fresh seafood to sweet delights such as Sicilian cannoli. Every meal is an opportunity to discover the authentic flavors of this fertile land.
Don't miss the opportunity to taste the renowned local wines, produced in the numerous cellars that dot the countryside. Guided tours and tastings will allow you to appreciate the work of wine artisans and discover the variety of native grapes that make the Sicilian wine scene unique.

The enchanting beaches of Sicily

A dive into the blue of the Mediterranean

Eastern Sicily is famous for its paradisiacal beaches, with crystal clear waters and golden sands. A short distance from the estate, you can discover dream beaches such as San Lorenzo and the island of Capo Passero, perfect for refreshing swims, sunbathing and unforgettable moments by the sea, here are some of the many beaches just a few kilometers from our villas.